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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Broker Philosophy Naples Real Estate

Real Estate Brokers Business Philosophy

The real estate brokers business philosophy is very important, but most often neglected, ignored and misunderstood.

Business philosophies are given little to no attention there is no absolute right or wrong business philosophies but you must integrate flexibility and there must be awareness of different and changing markets as well as different changing personas and goals. If you maintain constant vigilance in your effort to ensure flexibility in your business philosophy you will essentially guarantee your own success as a real estate professional.

Many people entering the real estate business or even those who are currently in business have given little time or effort to developing a personal business philosophy.

Business philosophies are a function of experience and perceived methods of facilitating sales and earnings and often times are based on hearsay observation and the interpretation of life experience.

In the beginning we have limited perceptions of the real estate business. It is said that developing a sound philosophy is the most critical factor for success as in any business.

Successful people are those who do the things other people choose not to do, structuring your business philosophy is such an activity. Success in the real estate business is predicated on these basic premises.

It should be noted that there are more technical areas that are possibly more complex and difficult to master. Take for instance an internal rate of return calculation for a shopping center and the after tax effect of a sale as opposed to a 1031 exchange, these examples are often complex and rather difficult calculations to master. These of course are much easier tasks to achieve than developing a business philosophy that is profitable, satisfying and successful.

In the end a well-developed business philosophy that is constantly updated reviewed and modified will be the foundation for continuous success that is sustainable.

Take the time to consider your business philosophy and develop thoughts based on your unique goals and expectations.

Of course what works in one area may not work in another, have you ever wondered why 20% of the people in the real estate business make the bulk of the commissions?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many failures, it would seems to boil down to one basic underlying problem, the sales person has not taken the time to develop his personal business strategic philosophy.

Developing ones own business philosophy must be your focus at all times and the way you conduct yourself from day-to-day activities, always being mindful and working ethically, controlled and smart.

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